FootLoose in Salisbury

Salisbury offers a wide variety of outdoor activities in all seasons.  Nestled amongst 2,000 ft. hills and multiple rivers, the forrest scenery changes dramatically with each season.  Hiking, including the Appalachain trail, skiing, ski-jumping, kayak/canoe, road/mountain biking, fly-fishing, rock climbing and antiquing are all available within 30 minutes of central Salisbury.

Salisbury can be reached in less than 2 hours from Boston or New York by car, bus or train. Typical of the character of the area, there are no car rental agencies, but taxi service is available from local train stations at arrival times and by reservation. A common means of enjoying the area for a day is bring a bicycle on the MTA train from NYC, but a free lifetime pass obtained at Grand Central Station is required.

Hiking, cycling and Kayak/canoe trips are listed on separate pages with links to specific posts which include maps and comments. In addition you will find links to local stores and restaurants.

One comment on “FootLoose in Salisbury

  1. Wonderful! So excited to be coming in October….can’t wait to experience the full range of what NY & CT have to offer with your fine guidance & company..hooray!!

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